Rise of Flight - Version 1.025 ist fertig

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    • Rise of Flight - Version 1.025 ist fertig


      Heute wurde Rise of Flight - DER WW1-Flugsimulator - auf die Version 1.025 angehoben und zugleich mit der Airco D.H.4 ein feiner, schneller Zweisitzer ins Spiel implementiert.
      Dear community!

      We are glad to inform you that our work on Airco D.H.4 development is completed and we’re ready to deliver it to you in new 1.025 project version which is already available to update and play.

      The main item of this version is medium bomber of Royal Air Service – Airco D.H.4. This airplane have appeared on the front in the second half of 1917. Despite its main purpose – this plane have excellent (for it’s class) performance which enable it on an equal footing to dogfight. In contrast to earlier produced middle-class aircraft of our project – Airco D.H.4 can carry heavy 230lbs bombs. This bomb can inflict very significant damage to the enemy infrastructure by one hit.

      In addition, this update is delivering a small set of fixes. The list of fixes in not very long due to our decision to put most of changes to the next version which is in active development stage now. This decision have allowed us to release this highly anticipated aircraft as soon as possible

      We’re sincerely hope that this new airplane and changes will be positively received and accepted by our game community.

      Features list of version 1.025

      1. Airco D.H.4 is completed, it's Careers for Squadron no.18 and Squadron no.55 are ready too.
      2. Official Skins pack ver.1.025 was approved

      Change list of version 1.025

      1. FPS in Main Menu and in Hangar was limited to prevent overload and overheat of your GPU
      2. Game freezes on train spawn event were removed
      3. Fake sound of engine damage was fixed
      4. Ships motion was fixed
      5. Gaps in Schusta 21 availability on front were removed
      6. Bow guns Synchronizer for 4-blade propellers is stopping fire for all 4 blades
      7. Coalition points in CTF missions are counting correctly now


      1. Don't warry about FPS decreasing in Menu and Hangar - it may be observed only by using special programs like FRAPS and does not affect on the quality and usability. This change is a solution to GPU overload and overheat in Menu and Hangar screens. This change does not affect on in-flight game performance.
      2. All game settings except input settings will reset to default values after update. This required due to technical reasons.

      Wichtig sind die Important Notes (ok. ich weiß - ich bin quasi der Einzige, der dieses Spiel Sim ausgiebig zoggt.
      Doch sollte man, sofern man nicht den absoluten Nasarechner hat, bei dem eh alles auf MAX läuft, sich vorher die mühsam erarbeiteten Graphikeinstellungen notieren, da diese wieder auf Standard gesetzt werden.
      Die Snapviewsicht (Nullposition der Zielansicht) wird nicht verändert.

      Farvel - de Deeler
      Militem aut monachum facit desperatio
      Guds hjælp, Folkets kærlighed, Danmarks styrke